Plum A+ Infusion Pump

Hospira Plum A+ Highlights:

The Hospira Plum A+ stands out as a Volumetric Infusion pump system engineered to administer various infusion drugs. It operates as a cassette-based infusion system with two input lines and one output line, facilitating multi-function infusions. Noteworthy features include fully automatic drug delivery, simultaneous flow with preferred dosing and delivery rates, variable occlusion pressure, and an optional barcode reader.

This Hospira Infusion Pump is specifically designed for the administration of parenteral, enteral, and epidural infusions across a broad range of infusion rates and fluid types. Its versatility extends to catering to diverse patient populations, including neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients, making it suitable for deployment in various hospital settings such as intensive care, operating rooms, emergency departments, recovery areas, and more.

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