Renasol Part A Bicarbonate Solution

Renasol Bicarbonate Hemodialysis Concentrate, Liquid Acid Proportioning Components, are meticulously crafted for compatibility with Cobe or appropriately calibrated equipment from Gambro, B.Braun, or Fresenius (45X dilution). The composition includes Sodium-mEq/L: 137, Calcium-mEq/L: 2.50, Potassium-mEq/L: 2.00, Magnesium-mEq/L: 0.75, Chloride-mEq/L: 105.25, Acetate-mEq/L: 4.00, Dextrose-mg/dL: 200, and Bicarbonate-meq/L: 33.00. Available in convenient packaging options of 4 gallons (3.78 liters) per case or 55-gallon drums.

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